mercredi 17 juillet 2013

A universe in each retina...

The other one, this being foreign to yourself, being a surprise on all its aspects, so different, so fathomless and unpredictable …
This other who alternately amazes you, surprises you, is furious to you, fascinates you, indifferent to you or revolts you.
When it is plural, global, when it personifies humanity you feel an infinite love, an uncontrollable and sincere condolence. When it takes its majestic shape, you do not bear the injustices it undergoes, you could fight relentlessly to defend it and free it.
But when this other one is under its unique, fragmented, individual, daily, common shape, would you forget that it is a part of this Great Whole, this grandness which has the power to transcend you?
In front of this other one under its individual expression, you are sometimes struck, hurt, irritated, annoyed.
This other one who manages within moment to push you beyond your limits, to provoke an internal storm which never seems to be able to calm down.
This other one sometimes leads you to forget your inside melody made by benevolence and by hope, by plunging you entirely into feelings which overtake you, from which the physical or verbal expression escapes you sometimes.
Your pacifist will, your warrior of light commitment seem to leave you, disappear, be nulllified by the mere presence of this other one.
The anger, the injustice, the sadness, the guilt, the misunderstanding, the disappointment fill and eat away at your being, at this precise moment you know that you entered the permanent cycle of the inner sufferings, and that you have to relearn everything to love again the other one under its majestic shape… but have you the will of it?
The path of anger seems so logical and natural as it is so close and requires no effort on your part.
With this new weapon at your disposal so easy to unsheathe to front, remove, injure the other one, in aim (you believe) to  defend yourself, to allow you not to suffer any more, you get back satisfied your internal cave on fire…  But do you really believe that you can find the rest, the peace, the serenity on a burned ground?
Then dare ... dare dive into the eyes of the other. What will you see?
You will see that every being is an infinity of dreams, thoughts, imperceptible and unique inner worlds.
You will see that every being is an infinite number of emotions, love, kindness, anger and inaccessible inner fears.
You will see that every being is an endless well of creativity, happiness, joy, frailty, suffering and invisible confusions.
But mostly you will find that every being is lost in this endless what himself ...
Then you will understand that every being is an infinite universe composed of a single inhabitant himself... The lonely king of an invisible kingdom, not having enough of a lifetime to explore the infinity of what it is ...
Never forget that every being that you meet, whatever it is, what it does, is the embodiment of an unfathomable realm unknown to his own head, composed as yourself of the most wonderful as the more sad, and fortunately paths of these solitary beings intersect to learn from each other, learn about themselves and others ...
The other one becomes your master, your guide, and you become its one, because in the worst and the best of its actions it teaches you to be better.
The other one becomes your salvation, as you become its one, because in the worst and the best of its actions it forces you to lift you up and walk.
The other one becomes your very image, because the worst and the best of its actions make you perceive the best and the worst in you.
So do you understand that the other one is you?
Behind every look, in each retina lies a unique and exceptional world, that you can only love because now you know what animates you: what is in you is in all of us ...


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