samedi 30 octobre 2010

Please come back MJ

We were waiting for that Day... the Day of your big concert... but...

That has been too long.. that fake... that joke must have an end... please come back to us now...

dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Just call my name and I'll be there

Yes one day in our life we have met just one person who change our lifes... forever... Now we are lost, lonely, but we will find each other... one day we will be together and we will reveal and install Love and Compassion on earth forevermore...

Love you my friends

mercredi 13 octobre 2010

Soldiers of Love

No one else can be celebrate as Mickael Jackson is... each one of us, alltogether... every day... somewhere... everywhere a friend celebrate that extraordinary man.

We are almost there my friends

No matter how hard the task may seem, don't give up our plans, don't give up our dreams. No broken bridges can turn us around cause what we're searchin' for will soon be found

samedi 10 juillet 2010

Oh Mickael... Do you know how much we love you?

Do you remember the time... oh dear... do you remember that day?

I was so happy, it was a beautiful day, a serene day in sum... but my friend came sadly to me and say full of love and compassion "I'm sorry, but I have a bad news" with a sad expression but a sweet eye... "I was surprised but silent... petrified", and my friend say "I'm sorry, It's Mickael" My friend knew that this news would be a seism for me... then said "Mickael Jackson is dead"... and at the same time my head imploded... lost with my love... No not him! and then I've cryed all day long and night... and the days and nigths after... I was disconsolate...

It was so hard to watch clip or hear his music... I was crying all the time... now for 6 months I can watch his clips and hear his beautiful voice... but my heart is still hurt... my head still rip off my bones, still scratch my brain...

I know you're in a same way, then I want to spread with you that beautiful tribute...

Thanks to SOUTHFORK for his very beautiful work, made with love for Mickael and for us...

jeudi 24 juin 2010

We fly together

Have no words...

Clips are taken from the moonwalker movie

Thanks to E.B (estherburgess92on youtube)

mercredi 23 juin 2010


Why do we feel inside of us that force, that important mission?

Why do we feel inside us that we are part of something like army of peace? Yes I am a compassion warrior, I have to protect life and children, but If I were crazy why I'm not alone to feel that way??

When I read posts and messages of Mickael Fans, do I conclued that we are all crazy all on the wrong way? That's too enormous, too strange and I have to say that's really upside of us! isn't it?

Remember the lirics of "can you feel it" : Can you feel it, If you look around, The whole world is coming togheter now, Feel it in the air, The wind is taking it everywhere, All the colors of the world should be Lovin’ each other wholeheartedly Yes, it’s all right Take my message to your brother And tell him twice Spread the word and try to teach the man Who’s hating his brother, When hate won’t do, ooh ‘Cause we’re all the same, yes The blood inside of me is inside of you Now, tell me Can you feel it, When you see it´s going down Can you see it in your bones? Every breath you take Is someone’s death in another place Every healthy smile
Is hunger and strife to another child But the stars do shine In promising salvation, is near this time So brothers and sisters show me know how Talk to your self now This feeling is going down Open up your mind All the children in the world should be Loving each other wholeheartedly Yes, it’s all right Take my message to your brother And tell him twice
Take the news to the marching men Who are killing their brothers When death won’t do, ooh
Yes we’re all the same Yes, the blood inside of my vain is inside of you Now, tell me
Can you feel it, "

And now do you understand what I mean?

Then we are effectively an asleep army of peace and compassion, a silent army but a great One!!! Isn't it what you feel since a long long time??... that's my case

and we have to wake up...
say to yourself "I can change the world with my own two hands? I am a warrior of compassion and I will change the world!" you just have to want it... yes we are!

Are you really ready to be a soldier of Love? Think of it

I have to wake up! I have to stand up!

And say to yourself "I can change the world with my own two hands" you just have to want it...

Big question What are we waiting for? A sign? And if the sign is us? each one of us? Look we are always analysing pictures, videos, certificates of death, speeches...etc But what are we really doing? nothing! we are waiting... but the proof may not be in a document... don't we know inside the truth? Then we have to proove it to him that we are here and we will not only waiting for sth but we will acting for peace and we probably discover the way to act...
My best friend is you Mickael,... You are my Ben... Your music is the place I go when I look behind and don't like what I find... I was 4 when I fall in love to your music and your genie and it never stop! I'm waiting for you... I'm here and I stand up to follow you in your great project!