jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Guardian of the Earth , open your eyes ...

Human! And if you opened your eyes?

Look, look better... Look at the world around you .

Look at all these beings which liven up, which bustle around you, even tiniest and most apparently insignificant fusses in an activity short-lived but so essential to this balance which surrounds us, maintaining the cycles of the life.

Look at this enchantment of beings and energies.

Stop one moment the running of your life and look at what it takes place around you all the time. Is not it miraculous?

And you! In all this who are you? What defines you?

Look at you… you seem to be endowed with a surprising autonomy inside this great organization.

You are part of a whole but at the same time you are a unique and infinite individuality.

You detains in you an incomparable emotional power as what is in the nature

Your nature allows you to conceptualize, to wonder, to be upset, transcended, moved to the depths of your being by what you live or you see.

You also have the opportunity to stop your run, what can not do the bee or any other living being on this earth subjected to these instincts.

Look at this world and you will see that only you can observe it, study it, admire it, transform it, maintain it or destroy it by your only will…
Do you also realize that you have a will and now on it depends every day?

The question then is: why only you hold this freedom?

Why only you, by your simple decision, can question everything?

The fact of being able to ask you this question does not call out to you?

So who are you? What are you doing here ? What is your true nature ?

You have developed these concepts of justice, love, compassion, kindness .

You seem to be a spirit that lives in a body and not a body that has managed to have a mind.

How do we name an entity, a being who has the vision, the consciousness, the understanding and the knowledge of the place in which he evolves?

How do we name an entity, a being capable of love, who stays up and knows how to worry about the well-being of the other beings?

You are not a species among so many others, you are not a part of the food chain since you have no predator.

By your only decision you can eradicate or protect species. No other species holds this power. Why?

Only you can change your power mode at your leisure ...omnivore, vegetarian, vegan …

Do you begin to perceive what you really are?

In you there is effectively beauty as there is violence because you possess in you all that animates the nature to understand it better. From the labor ant to the wild lion through the passivity of the cow, you have within you the savagery of carnivorous as the apparent inertia of the mineral, but this does not define who you are or your true nature. All this is simply an expression of your talent. Feel the savagery of a hyena and know the breed, does not mean that you are a hyena. This shows that no one else is able to see , feel and understand our world as you... deep inside.

Rivers and streams flowing in your veins...
The storms shake your soul, The Earth gave you life to preserve it, only you know its value ...

You actually have all the gifts and talents to understand this world and allow it to continue.

You are actually neither a species among others, nor a parasite, nor a predator, nor an aberration, you are in fact the guardian of this planet.

Open the eyes on your deep nature, your true nature…


lundi 4 novembre 2013

Follow the guide inside...

Our greatest sacrifice and our greatest suffering is constantly trying to forget the child we always feel vibrate within us.

In this world we are playing a game with unfair rules where the dice are loaded. Our greatest tragedy is to know it but let make.

For what did we exchange our dreams?

Alone under stars or in front of sun, you still feel the incandescent joy, loving kindness, unconditional love for all that is of this forsaken child in your inner universe. It emerges when you are alone or when you let go. You leave him free for a brief moment, you let his innocence and ability to rejoice at nothing and everything exploded and irradiated. He believes every time he finally found the freedom to be himself, the freedom to be who you really are, but your human life takes over and if a witness liked this enchanted episode, it will be relegated to the rank of a drinking party or moment of unconsciousness and very quickly you find the way back of normality, the rule of the system, and refer the being you are really at the bottom of your kingdom.

This being that you are and who is beyond you, is there, right there permanently hidden behind the curtain of the great theater of our lives.

He is there, behind the veil of our human’s lives, he looks at what we became and pretend to be, he knows the games we play, the illusions we maintain . We know that he knows and he knows that we know. An internal status quo because we believe that nothing can change so why try ... which is the source of our greatest unconscious suffering and apparently inexplicable.

A thirst to be which is never quenched, an inner call which is never heard.

When you feel lost and powerless without knowing why, it is that you feel his vibrations, his despairs, his acerbic look which tries to open your eyes on the today's society and our humanity, voluntarily blind.

You know that in this pure being within you lies the answers, only he embodies for what you hope and what should be.

Then the universe puts its two cents there, because it hears your hearts crying in silent, and it marks out your paths of coincidences, it conspires in your favor and to ensure that you have confidence in what you should be, which is why you are born.

You have at your disposal the best of the radars of the right way, of happiness and fulfillment, the beatings of your heart, the inner melody which makes you vibrate when you approach yourself, your way, your fate.

Free the child inside…


mercredi 17 juillet 2013

A universe in each retina...

The other one, this being foreign to yourself, being a surprise on all its aspects, so different, so fathomless and unpredictable …
This other who alternately amazes you, surprises you, is furious to you, fascinates you, indifferent to you or revolts you.
When it is plural, global, when it personifies humanity you feel an infinite love, an uncontrollable and sincere condolence. When it takes its majestic shape, you do not bear the injustices it undergoes, you could fight relentlessly to defend it and free it.
But when this other one is under its unique, fragmented, individual, daily, common shape, would you forget that it is a part of this Great Whole, this grandness which has the power to transcend you?
In front of this other one under its individual expression, you are sometimes struck, hurt, irritated, annoyed.
This other one who manages within moment to push you beyond your limits, to provoke an internal storm which never seems to be able to calm down.
This other one sometimes leads you to forget your inside melody made by benevolence and by hope, by plunging you entirely into feelings which overtake you, from which the physical or verbal expression escapes you sometimes.
Your pacifist will, your warrior of light commitment seem to leave you, disappear, be nulllified by the mere presence of this other one.
The anger, the injustice, the sadness, the guilt, the misunderstanding, the disappointment fill and eat away at your being, at this precise moment you know that you entered the permanent cycle of the inner sufferings, and that you have to relearn everything to love again the other one under its majestic shape… but have you the will of it?
The path of anger seems so logical and natural as it is so close and requires no effort on your part.
With this new weapon at your disposal so easy to unsheathe to front, remove, injure the other one, in aim (you believe) to  defend yourself, to allow you not to suffer any more, you get back satisfied your internal cave on fire…  But do you really believe that you can find the rest, the peace, the serenity on a burned ground?
Then dare ... dare dive into the eyes of the other. What will you see?
You will see that every being is an infinity of dreams, thoughts, imperceptible and unique inner worlds.
You will see that every being is an infinite number of emotions, love, kindness, anger and inaccessible inner fears.
You will see that every being is an endless well of creativity, happiness, joy, frailty, suffering and invisible confusions.
But mostly you will find that every being is lost in this endless what himself ...
Then you will understand that every being is an infinite universe composed of a single inhabitant himself... The lonely king of an invisible kingdom, not having enough of a lifetime to explore the infinity of what it is ...
Never forget that every being that you meet, whatever it is, what it does, is the embodiment of an unfathomable realm unknown to his own head, composed as yourself of the most wonderful as the more sad, and fortunately paths of these solitary beings intersect to learn from each other, learn about themselves and others ...
The other one becomes your master, your guide, and you become its one, because in the worst and the best of its actions it teaches you to be better.
The other one becomes your salvation, as you become its one, because in the worst and the best of its actions it forces you to lift you up and walk.
The other one becomes your very image, because the worst and the best of its actions make you perceive the best and the worst in you.
So do you understand that the other one is you?
Behind every look, in each retina lies a unique and exceptional world, that you can only love because now you know what animates you: what is in you is in all of us ...


dimanche 3 mars 2013

From a state of mind to a state of being

The learning of the pacifism is a long and difficult task. Every day we potentially expose ourselves to disagreements and conflicts with our fellow men every time we have contact, every time we interact or collaborate with other beings.

It would be easier to extract us from this society and consequently not to expose us to differences which can sometimes strike us and provoke in us fatal feelings for ourselves and others.
Now, isolate ourselves (spiritually, socially or by taking detachment) and therefore do not feel the consequences of these oppositions can give us the illusion that we finally know what pacifism is because we are no longer in conflict with anyone ... So it is easy to speak about peace and compassion, and believe that we feel them strongly inside if we are not exposed to these social stimuli. Moreover, by isolating ourselves, can we really claim to know what true compassion and pacifism is if we have never experimented or if we stop experiencing these relations which finally return us to our own inner storms. If we have an umbrella over our head, do we for all that prevent the rain from falling? Did we eliminate for all that unpleasant sensation of the cold and the wet clothes on our skin? I don’t think so, we are not wet and that is all.

Not to live this experiment we refrain to understand what we feel, to understand possibly why it seems to us unpleasant and thus we forbid us to transcend it.
It is the same of the pacifism, we have to experiment the interpersonal conflict to understand it and transcend it. The isolation or the indifference prevents us from understanding all the internal process which brings us to feel more or less hard a situation, to grasp our internal and physical demonstrations, to understand our own entry to the conflicting process and to become aware of the influence of the real world on our own lives.

Rather than to flee, it is necessary to embrace these painful situations and to consider them as so many opportunities to go even farther to our learning of us and to go farther to our inner rise.

As committed pacifist we owe in the real world, to make every effort to calm and try to settle all the conflicts to which we are exposed, "so insignificant" they can appear with regard to the scale of the conflicts which strike the humanity, because it would be go away from our way to ignore them.
Our capacity to continue in everyday life, to keep our attention on our daily or unexpected relations, this tough effort to pacify our lives will allow us in fact and eventually to understand, to appease and to eliminate the human conflicts in their global nature.

This perseverance in the everyday life is the reflection of our spiritual commitment, of our benevolence towards others and towards our deep will to allow all the people, all the human beings to reach well-being and happiness wherever they are.

The aim, obviously, is not to stop feeling emotions, but to understand why we feel them, to identify all the forms of expression associated with these feelings, the potentially excessive consequent reactions, their effects on ourselves, on our well-being and that of others. So, we shall understand the process of creation of all these emotions, and all their forms, we shall find then the means to anticipate them, this internal knowledge will free us to choose the most adapted reactions in accordance with our spiritual and pacifist commitments.

It is useless to flog ourselves, to feel guilty in front of our painful reactions, those which sometimes may escape us, this would plunge us into grief, sorrow and paralysis. It is essential to have compassion for ourselves, to accept that we are perfectly imperfect and sometimes in contradiction with our deepest aspirations and what we thought to be capable of being, just systematically make sure to always have (even a posteriori) the presence of mind and objectivity to learn from our "faux pas", to fix our mistakes and ensure not to reproduce them.

We learned a lot, we learn every day and we never stop learning of ourselves and others on ourselves and on the others.

Let us humble but confident. Accept each day to be better than yesterday and that we approach at each time toward what our heart and our inside call tend: Peace on earth, in this world, in this life.

Always strive to do what looks like us and what corresponds to our highest values.