vendredi 28 décembre 2012

From the illusion of despair to the perception of happiness

Despair when you hold us, it seems so easy to escape.

When a spark, just a burst of energy, of benevolence or optimism could allow us to access to happiness, your enveloping cloak that we know so well, is like reassuring arms facing the unknown that is happiness.

This so familiar playground, which we easily find the way and know all the processes, is like a hot room in which we have our marks and allow consciously and conscientiously our soul to languish, as to be better reborn from ashes of our own premeditated self-destruction.

It takes courage to extricate ourself from the depths of our sorrows and nostalgic soul, not because it is hard or impossible, quite to the contrary, but because we have to dare to realize that this despair is an illusory creation of our mind, maintaining us in an unspoken voluntarily inertia.
It takes courage to dare to feel this incandescent and elusive vibration, constantly renewed, without infinitely reproducible pattern nor tangible or mechanical reality. 

It takes courage to dare to take a step towards this unknown perspective without ever knowing the outcome. 

And yet if you only knew how easy it is ...A hint of intention and trust is enough to everything.

vendredi 21 décembre 2012

All I hope...

Today marks the day of the beginning of a new era of renewal and a new humanity ...
So I hope our dreams come to life, our utopias build the world of tomorrow...
I hope the man finally believes in man

That our differences become our similarities, our convergence points and our mutual enrichment ...
That everyone finds his place in this life, that everyone finally dares to be what it should be.
That we make this world what it should be, that we bring humanity to peace and serene waters.
That we tend a hand to each being that composes this wonderful world.
That everyone finds sources of joy and happiness in every insignificant burst of life.
That we are finally aware of the richness and beauty of our humanity.

That we live this life as if it were the last, that we always act for the best to have no regrets.

And finally... that we do unto others as we would like to see us do.

mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Hold out your hand to World

You have to take suffering of our brothers and sisters to understand it.
You have been and you will alternately be tyrant and victim.

In this life you were born on the good side of the globe, but you deeply know in the deepest part of your being the unbearable suffering experienced by our brothers and sisters as a reminiscence of what you endured in your past lives, which makes it unacceptable.

Therefore today, in this life, you have to hold out a full of love and compassion hand to our fellow men to finally stop this cycle of suffering.

This is what you are made for, this is what you were born for, this is what you always known in the deepest part of yourself. You just have to do what your heart dictates since forever.

This is time to realize who you really are, and dare to be finally the one that you are.

Do not settle for less, do not envelop yourself with the illusory veil of conformity, cause you are just giving slack in your soul chains...

Do not adorn you with a veil of illusion that things are better this way, cause you know you are fooling yourself.

Have no fear, the Invisible detain the Truth and whisper it to your heart every day.

Make this life what it should be. Make this world what it should be.

You are a bit of light in an endless night.

The world and all that vibrates, expect you Peace Silent Army Warrior.
Look the World straight in the eyes.