vendredi 21 décembre 2012

All I hope...

Today marks the day of the beginning of a new era of renewal and a new humanity ...
So I hope our dreams come to life, our utopias build the world of tomorrow...
I hope the man finally believes in man

That our differences become our similarities, our convergence points and our mutual enrichment ...
That everyone finds his place in this life, that everyone finally dares to be what it should be.
That we make this world what it should be, that we bring humanity to peace and serene waters.
That we tend a hand to each being that composes this wonderful world.
That everyone finds sources of joy and happiness in every insignificant burst of life.
That we are finally aware of the richness and beauty of our humanity.

That we live this life as if it were the last, that we always act for the best to have no regrets.

And finally... that we do unto others as we would like to see us do.

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