mardi 29 janvier 2013

Peace is our best weapon...

What will you do of your dreams?
While other people are oppressed by an economical model where Human and the Living have no more place.
When you know that now you are a mere adjustment variable in the political or economical decisions sphere
When Human and the Living are only considered as resources or productive sources.

What are you doing of what occupies you?
What are you doing of what animates you?
What are you doing while your fundamental nature to love is relegating to the rank of old fashioned and unnecessary virtue?
What will you do of this so intense and deep Call inside, which shakes you to the depths of your soul at every time you are facing incessant injustice with its multiple faces?
What will you do of this inside Force that you feel revolt and that you deeply know it can transcend everything it touch and expand?

Why are you afraid while you feel so intensely that you can change the world?
We are so many in the world to be animated by that same and common transforming energy.
We are so many all around the world to know that just one step of each one of us can change everything.
We are so many, even in the farthest and removed corner of the globe, to hear this common inside melody for a change.

Maybe do you still believe after all those decades paralyzing our Will that only prophets and messiahs can change our world, but they are the messengers and we are the builders.

Only us, the latest still free people, can open the way.
Only us, the latest still free people, can free humanity.
We know that despite our seeming differences, what unites us is stronger than what divides us.

We are and we always be Human before all, Humanity vibrates in each one of us and radiates through us.

So tomorrow, what would you have done to your dreams?
Will you be able to look our children in the eye when the chaos will have finally all contaminated?
Will you be able to tell them that we knew?
What will you answer when they ask you why?

Utopias of yesterday have created our today’s world.
Today we are sharing the most wonderful dream of Humanity. 
We are the heirs of the noblest values ​​of humanity for millennia passed by our ancestors: compassion, peace, human rights, to finally arrive at this day when our values are our flag in which all men and women of the world recognize themselves, for which all our voices raise in unison, for which our decided steps move us forward and are heard.

We are at a crossroad…
We have an appointment with our destiny and that of all humanity.
To do this we have in our possession the most beautiful and the most contagious virus: Love…

Peace Silent Army, I know you since a long time ago, I know you were asleep waiting for that Day.
Peace and Compassion Warriors this is the time to wake up, this is the time you were born for,  this is the time you were waiting for since a longtime ago, this is the time to stand up.

We are so many, we are everywhere, we are invisible, We are the Peace Silent Army and we will change the World.

Never forget who you are and what you were born for.
Follow the guide inside...